Good Always Wins?

My mama always told me that good always wins in the end. Last night, as I see it, good didn’t win.
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Who Even Asked You?

Here’s my dilemma: I am constantly anxious. Why? Well maybe it’s work. Maybe it’s me “live at a moderate speed-die whenever” attitude. Maybe it’s the unfairness of life. Maybe it’s my addiction to anxiety. Maybe it’s none of the above, but let me spell it out for you. The other day, the worst thing ever … More Who Even Asked You?

Life Vacation

Hey Y’all, Sorry for not posting for a bit, I was on vacation. Not that you really cared all that much, I bet you all needed a vacation from me just as I needed a vacation from reality.  When I was on my vacation, I needed a vacation from my vacation. And now that I’m … More Life Vacation

Facts of Life

Let’s talk about life.  It’s essentially all we ever talk about right?  I mean, on a very minute scale.  If you’re a lawyer, you talk about laws.  If you’re a doctor, you talk about health and death. If you’re an annoying P.O.S. you’ll talk about sports, or the weather, or your dating history because obviously … More Facts of Life


I don’t think I can be funny today. I couldn’t be funny yesterday either, nor the day before. My heart is too broken. Like every broken heart, all I want to do is talk about love.  Love comes in many forms, each strong in their own way.  First, there’s the kind I feel for by … More Love