I’ve Got The FEAR

Every time I write something I fear for my life. When I begin a sentence, I am terrified of how it may end. … More I’ve Got The FEAR


Facts of Life

Let’s talk about life.  It’s essentially all we ever talk about right?  I mean, on a very minute scale.  If you’re a lawyer, you talk about laws.  If you’re a doctor, you talk about health and death. If you’re an annoying P.O.S. you’ll talk about sports, or the weather, or your dating history because obviously … More Facts of Life


I don’t think I can be funny today. I couldn’t be funny yesterday either, nor the day before. My heart is too broken. Like every broken heart, all I want to do is talk about love.  Love comes in many forms, each strong in their own way.  First, there’s the kind I feel for by … More Love